Daniel Bentley

Daniel Bentley

11 Seasons

Daniel Bentley is an associate pastor and worship pastor at Maranatha Chapel. With a heart to reach the lost, he shares the Gospel with fervor and makes easy-to-understand applications for walking with Jesus daily. You can use the dropdown menu below to browse all of Daniel's series.

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Daniel Bentley
  • Savior's Sordid Family Tree

    Episode 1

    Daniel Bentley, December 4, 2019, Matthew 1:1-21
    Have you ever looked around at the motley crew of relatives seated around the table during a family gathering, and found yourself thinking, Am I really related to all of these
    people? Or taken time to explore your family tree? Jesus’ family tree v...

  • Don't Miss Christmas

    Episode 2

    Daniel Bentley December 22, 2019, John 1:1-5
    With all of the Christmas carols, Christmas parties, Christmas cards, TV specials, and Christmas pageants, it seems absurd to think that we could miss
    Christmas.Yet it still happens. How? We miss it for the same reasons that people missed it 2,000 year...