Ray Bentley

Ray Bentley

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Ray Bentley is the Senior Pastor at Maranatha Chapel. As a prophecy expert, he is known for combining Scripture and historical context to create a compelling picture of the Bible. Journey through the book or message you would like to study by choosing in the dropdown menu below.

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Ray Bentley
  • Needed: A Deliverer

    Episode 1

    Ray Bentley - April 19, 2015 - Exodus 1
    The Israelites prospered in Egypt, but now a new king arose and forced them into hard labour. He commanded that their baby boys be killed.

  • The Making of a Deliverer

    Episode 2

    Ray Bentley, May 10, 2015, Exodus 2
    Pharaoh's daughter finds a Hebrew baby by the river. She named him Moses. When he grew up, Moses killed an Egyptian and fled to Midian.

  • The Burning Thornbush

    Episode 3

    Ray Bentley - May 17, 2015 - Exodus 3
    Moses sees a burning bush and learns the meaning of God's name, I AM. Jesus declared I AM the Bread of life, the Light of the world, the Door, the Good Shepherd, the Resurrection, the Vine, the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

  • Authority in Christ

    Episode 4

    Ray Bentley, June 14, 2015, Exodus 4
    God gives Moses signs so that the people would listen. Moses was afraid, so the LORD sent his brother Aaron to speak for him.

  • Standing Firm on God's Promises

    Episode 5

    Ray Bentley, June 21, 2015, Exodus 5
    Moses and Aaron told Pharaoh to let the Israelites go to the desert to worship. Pharaoh refuses and increases their workload.

  • The Four Cups of Passover (Communion)

    Episode 6

    Ray Bentley - July 12, 2015 -Exodus 6
    God tells Moses he would lead the Israelites out of Egypt to the promised land. Aaron and Moses are from the tribe of Levi. The entire New Testament is an explanation of the Old Testament.

  • The Robber and The Strongman

    Episode 7

    Ray Bentley, Exodus 6-7, July 19, 2015
    Moses and Aaron go to Pharaoh. Aaron's staff becomes a snake, then the LORD turned the Nile to blood, but Pharaoh wouldn't listen.

  • Harden Not Your Heart

    Episode 8

    Ray Bentley, July 26, 2015, Exodus 8
    The Lord sends a plague of frogs on Egypt. Pharaoh begs for relief but then he hardens his heart. God sends gnats and then flies.

  • The Voice of God

    Episode 9

    Ray Bentley, August 2, 2015, Exodus 9
    God sends a plague on the livestock of Egypt, then boils and then hail. Pharaoh begged for relief but then his heart was hardened.

  • Come With Me

    Episode 10

    Ray Bentley - September 6, 2015 - Exodus 10:1-28
    The LORD sent a plague of locusts. Pharaoh tells the Israelites to leave Egypt.

  • Yeshua Our Passover

    Episode 11

    Ray Bentley, September 13, 2015, Exodus 11-12:14
    God tells the Israelites to take Passover. That night all the firstborn Egyptians were killed. Pharaoh tells the Israelites to go.

  • The Great Exodus

    Episode 12

    Ray Bentley - September 20, 2015 - Exodus 12:14-51
    The first born of Egypt are dead. Pharaoh tells the Israelites to go.

  • Learning To Follow the Lord

    Episode 13

    Ray Bentley - September 27, 2015 - Exodus 13
    God tells the Israelites to consecrate their firstborns to him. He guided them as a pillar of cloud by day and of fire by night.

  • Stand Still

    Episode 14

    Ray Bentley - October 4, 2015 - Exodus 14
    Pharaoh's army caught the Israelites by the sea. The LORD parted the waters and the Israelites crossed. The Egyptian army was drowned. Stand still and watch for deliverance. Then move on!

  • Singing The Song of Moses

    Episode 15

    Ray Bentley - October 11, 2015 - Exodus 15
    The Israelites sang: "I will sing to the LORD, for he has triumphed; horse and rider he has thrown into the sea." They camped at Elim.

  • Our Daily Bread

    Episode 16

    Ray Bentley - October 18, 2015 - Exodus 16
    The Israelites complain to Moses that they have no food, so each day God provides quails and manna. They rested on the sabbath.

  • Receive Wise Counsel

    Episode 17

    Ray Bentley - Exodus 18
    Moses' father-in-law Jethro came and offered sacrifices to God. He suggested that Moses appoint leaders to help him judge the people.

  • On Eagles' Wings

    Episode 18

    Ray Bentley, November 8, 2015, Exodus 19
    The Israelites camp near the mountains in Sinai. God speaks to Moses on the mountain and made his covenant with Israel.

  • The 10 Words

    Episode 19

    Ray Bentley, November 15, 2015, Exodus 20
    In Ten words, God reveals His heart to Israel. Return to the Lord. Christ in you, the hope of Glory. I am the LORD your God. Honor the LORD above everything. Keep the Sabbath. Honor your parents. Don't do wrong to your neighbours.

  • Boundaries

    Episode 20

    Ray Bentley - November 22, 2015 - Exodus 21
    Another word for God's laws is "boundaries." Healthy boundaries are defined by God's Word.

  • I Send An Angel Before You

    Episode 21

    Ray Bentley, November 29, 2015, Exodus 22-23
    Boundaries, and God's guidance, protection, provision, and constant love. May the Kingdom come!

  • Answering The Call

    Episode 22

    Ray Bentley - December 6, 2015 - Exodus 24
    Nearness to God; great blessings wait for those who seek God with their whole hearts, like Moses.

  • God's Dwelling Place

    Episode 23

    Ray Bentley - December 13, 2015 - Exodus 25
    Make Me a sanctuary, God says. Our lives are the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit.

  • The Shekinah Glory

    Episode 24

    Ray Bentley - January 10, 2016 - Exodus 25:10-40
    We can enter the throne room of God and experience His mercy and glory!