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Ray Bentley

Our Daily Bread


Up Next in Exodus

  • Receive Wise Counsel

    Ray Bentley - Exodus 18
    Moses' father-in-law Jethro came and offered sacrifices to God. He suggested that Moses appoint leaders to help him judge the people.

  • On Eagles' Wings

    Ray Bentley, November 8, 2015, Exodus 19
    The Israelites camp near the mountains in Sinai. God speaks to Moses on the mountain and made his covenant with Israel.

  • The 10 Words

    Ray Bentley, November 15, 2015, Exodus 20
    In Ten words, God reveals His heart to Israel. Return to the Lord. Christ in you, the hope of Glory. I am the LORD your God. Honor the LORD above everything. Keep the Sabbath. Honor your parents. Don't do wrong to your neighbours.