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A House of Prayer

1h 5m

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    Ray Bentley, July 14, 2019, Matthew 21:18-22
    God's will is to produce fruit in our lives. The Fig tree became a symbol of the nation of Israel. A barren fig tree represented a spiritually barren Israel, its leaves representing outward religion but no fruit or life. Jesus used the fig tree as a p...

  • Authority and Power

    Ray Bentley - July 21, 2019 - Matthew 21:23-32
    The authority of God's Word comes from the author Himself. Jesus taught three parables to demonstrate His authority to the chief priests and elders. Scripture is authoritative. It’s the Word of God. Accept it. Live by it. Answer the devil with it. H...

  • Let Us Bear Fruit—August 4, 2019

    Ray Bentley - August 4, 2019 - Matthew 21:33-46
    In the parable of the vineyard that Jesus told, the householder is God the Father, the Son is the Lord Jesus, and the farmers are a picture of Israel. The Lord delivered them from Egypt and planted them in a rich land of milk and honey. He gave mate...