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Ray Bentley


1h 5m

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  • Time To Wake Up

    Ray Bentley - February 16, 2020 - Matthew 25:1-13
    The royal wedding has arrived. The bridesmaids were preparing to meet the Groom. Of the ten in the parable, five were wise or ready, and five were foolish! What was the difference? Like the Lord's return, a Jewish wedding carried an element of sur...

  • Invest Your Talents

    Ray Bentley, February 23, 2020, Matthew 25:14-30
    Talents represent opportunities to use our gifts and abilities for the Kingdom. In application of this parable, it is appropriate to see these talents as life resources – such as time, money, abilities, and authority. In God’s eyes it is not the am...

  • Sheep or Goats?

    Ray Bentley - March 1st, 2020 - Matthew 25:31-46
    A day of reckoning is coming for the whole world. The Son of Man will judge the nations. When Jesus comes in His Shekinah Glory, the Nations will realize there is only one God, the God of Israel. He will separate people as a Shepherd separates she...