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Ray Bentley

Our Identity Is In Christ


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  • Live From The Heart

    Ray Bentley - October 21, 2018 - Matthew 15:1-20
    God's Word versus tradition.
    Jesus gets to the heart of an issue. He said the truth, not tradition will set us free. The church makes the mistake of making some things biblical, when they are not: music styles, time to worship, service styles, dre...

  • Satan's Greatest Fear

    Ray Bentley, October 28, 2018, Matthew 15:21-28
    Jesus crossed borders to Lebanon and met a Gentile woman who identified Him as "Lord, son of David," and beggd Him to help her demon possessed daughter. "O woman, great is your faith!" He said, and her daughter was healed. One of Satan's greatest fe...

  • God's Love For the Outcasts

    Ray Bentley, November 4, 2018, Matthew 15:29-39
    This marks a unique time in Jesus' ministry. He did His healing and providing work in the predominantly Gentile area of Galilee. While Jesus sat on a mountainside, great multitudes came to Him and He healed them all. No one was cast away, not thos...