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Ray Bentley

The God of Peace


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  • Compassion and Miracles

    Ray Bentley - September 23, 2018 - Matthew 14:13-21
    Compassion is the doorway to miracles. Jesus' greatest secret was His time spent with His Father. In following Jesus we need to learn the deep secret of His life and strength. He had a “secret place” of daily intimacy with the Father. Our purpo...

  • Our Identity Is In Christ

    Ray Bentley, October 14, 2018, Matthew 14:22-36
    Jesus went up to the mountain to pray, while the disicples were out on a boat in the sea, being tossed about by high winds. Jesus went to the disicples, walking on water! At first they were afraid, thinking He was a ghost until He said, "Be of good...

  • Live From The Heart

    Ray Bentley - October 21, 2018 - Matthew 15:1-20
    God's Word versus tradition.
    Jesus gets to the heart of an issue. He said the truth, not tradition will set us free. The church makes the mistake of making some things biblical, when they are not: music styles, time to worship, service styles, dre...