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Ray Bentley

The King's New Wine


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  • Faith and Miracles

    Ray Bentley - March 4, 2018 - Matthew 9:18-26
    Faith and miracles are the declaration as well as the demonstration of God's power. A leader in the local synagugue, Jairus, needed a miracle. His daughter died, yet he expressed faith that she could be resurrected if Jesus intervened. As Jesus made...

  • Light Conquers Darkness

    Ray Bentley, March 18, 2018, Matthew 9:27-38
    Blindness was a common and distressing disease in ancient Israel. When two blind men called out to Jesus,"Have mercy on us!" He touched their eyes and healed their blindness. The Lord's heart is moved by those who are desperate. Faith is the key that...

  • In The Name of Jesus

    Ray Bentley - April 8, 2018 - Matthew 10:1-4
    Jesus gave His disciples power over unclean spirits,to cast them out, and to heal disease. The Word He used is "power" (exousia in Greek) and means privilege, force, capacity, and mastery, superhuman, token of control, delegated influence. We can comma...