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Ray Bentley

Your Spiritual Journey


Up Next in Matthew

  • Trust In God

    Ray Bentley - April 28, 2019 - Matthew 19:27-30
    Getting our priorities right. Jesus is telling his disciples to trust Him. We need to surrender our future to the Lord and let it go. We have a choice. We can either worry about our future or trust God with it. The more you know Him the more you wil...

  • Kingdom Purpose

    Ray Bentley, May 26, 2019, Matthew 20:1-16
    The Kingdom of Heaven is here. Explaining the parable of the Vineyard: The vineyard is the Kingdom. The landowner is God the Father, and the foreman is the Son, Jesus Christ. The laborers are believers, and the denarius Eternal Life, which all receive eq...

  • Behold The Lamb

    Ray Bentley, June 2, 2019, Matthew 20:17-19
    Jesus prepares His disciples. "Behold, we are going up to Jerusalem." Previously, He had not specifically mentioned how He would die. Now He clearly speaks of the Cross. Jesus became the Passover Lamb. The Lamb is the number one metaphor used to descri...