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Ray Bentley

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Ray Bentley is the Senior Pastor at Maranatha Chapel. As a prophecy expert, he is known for combining Scripture and historical context to create a compelling picture of the Bible. Journey through the book or message you would like to study by choosing in the dropdown menu below.

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Ray Bentley
  • He Gave Them Power

    Episode 1

    Ray Bentley, April 15, 2018, Matthew 10:5-16
    Jesus sent out His disciples with a great commission. Jesus had been teaching, preaching, and healing, but now He expands His work by sending out the twelve. God’s intention was to reach the whole world, beginning with Israel. We have hardly begun to ...

  • A Holy Invasion

    Episode 2

    Ray Bentley - May 6, 2018 - Matthew 10:5-15
    Jesus sent His disciple out with instructions to go to lost sheep of Israel first. The kingdom of heaven is at hand, He told them. "Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead,cast out demons." He ssent them out with the bare minimum of supplies. ...

  • Bless Your Neighbor

    Episode 3

    Ray Bentley, May 20, 2018, Matthew 10:16-20
    The Lord is sending us out to bring a prophetic blessing of peace. We are sent like sheep in the midst of wolves, but we must be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. Our prayers of blessing can lift the darkness in people's lives. The Holy Spirit will ...

  • Loving Our Neighbor

    Episode 4

    Ray Bentley, May 27, 2018, Matthew 10:18-31
    In His insructions to His disicples, Jesus speaks of a different atmosphere. There will be persecution and hardship. But don't worry. The Holy Spirit will give you the words to speak. The very hairs on your head are numbered. Do not fear, you are of ...

  • We Must Confess

    Episode 5

    Ray Bentley - June 17, 2018 - Matthew 10:32-42
    Every believer must confess our faith in Jesus before men. We can share the reward of God's servant by recognizing prophets, receiving righteous people, and giving a cup of cold water to those who thirst.

  • The Cure For Anxiety

    Episode 6

    Ray Bentley - June 24, 2018 - Matthew 11:1-6
    Jesus ministered to John's anxiety, just as He will do for us. John was in prison, anxious and doubting. He was not afraid to ask an honest question. He sent two of his disciples to ask Jesus, "Are You the One?" We can be honest about our fears and ...

  • The Force of Faith

    Episode 7

    Ray_Bentley - July 1, 2018 - Matthew 11:7-19

  • The Gateway of Repentance

    Episode 8

    Ray Bentley, July 22, 2018, Matthew 11:21-30
    Experiencing Jesus' mighty works leads to one thing: repentance. We are accountable for the truth we have received. The source of Jesus' great joy is His relationship with His Father. But only He knows God the Father, and the Father can only be known...

  • Sabbath Is Celebration

    Episode 9

    Ray Bentley, August 5, 2018, Matthew 12:1-15
    Salvation gives us divine rest. The Lord is a God of Shalom, Sabbath, and spiritual rest. The Sabbath is a time to cease work and celebrate. Sabbath was defined by numerous laws and rules, but when Jesus healed a man on the Sabbath, He declared, “For...

  • Kingdom Power

    Episode 10

    Ray Bentley, August 12, 2018, Matthew 12:15-30
    Great multitudes followed Jesus and He healed them all. There was a time to withdraw, and a time to heal. He warned the people not make Him known, fuliflling the prophecy of Isaiah. Only Jesus' power can cast out demons.

  • No Neutrality

    Episode 11

    Ray Bentley, August 19, 2018, Matthew 12:30-50
    There is no neutral ground concerning Jesus of Nazareth. We must all decide – who Is Jesus? Jesus removed all illusions about trying to remain "neutral" about His Identity and Ministry. If you are not FOR Him, then Jesus says you are in fact AGAINST ...

  • Step Into The Story

    Episode 12

    Ray Bentley, August 26, 2018, Matthew 13:1-23
    Jesus told many stories, often in the form of parables. A parable is an earthly story with a heavenly meaning. The fact that Jesus can use a SEED to explain the Word of God or a FEAST to describe Salvation tells us we that the book of nature reflect...

  • The King's Secrets

    Episode 13

    Ray Bentley - September 2, 2018 - Matthew 13:24-35
    Jesus gave us several parables to explain the Kingdom of Heaven. Satan opposes the Kingdom by trying to snatch the Word from people's hearts. But Jesus warned us thorugh parables. The kingdom has both wheat and tares, like a planted field. The k...

  • The King's Secrets II

    Episode 14

    Ray Bentley - September 9, 2018 - Matthew 13:36-52
    Now Jesus explains the parables. What do the tares represent? The hidden treasure, the pearl of great price, and the dragnet?

  • The God of Peace

    Episode 15

    Ray Bentley - September 16, 2018 - Matthew 13:53 - 14:12
    When Jesus finished teaching the parables, He went to His own country, where He was questioned and doubted. He taught us to look for the hidden treasures of God's Word. Satan begins an assault; John the Baptist is beheaded.

  • Compassion and Miracles

    Episode 16

    Ray Bentley - September 23, 2018 - Matthew 14:13-21
    Compassion is the doorway to miracles. Jesus' greatest secret was His time spent with His Father. In following Jesus we need to learn the deep secret of His life and strength. He had a “secret place” of daily intimacy with the Father. Our purpo...

  • Our Identity Is In Christ

    Episode 17

    Ray Bentley, October 14, 2018, Matthew 14:22-36
    Jesus went up to the mountain to pray, while the disicples were out on a boat in the sea, being tossed about by high winds. Jesus went to the disicples, walking on water! At first they were afraid, thinking He was a ghost until He said, "Be of good...

  • Live From The Heart

    Episode 18

    Ray Bentley - October 21, 2018 - Matthew 15:1-20
    God's Word versus tradition.
    Jesus gets to the heart of an issue. He said the truth, not tradition will set us free. The church makes the mistake of making some things biblical, when they are not: music styles, time to worship, service styles, dre...

  • Satan's Greatest Fear

    Episode 19

    Ray Bentley, October 28, 2018, Matthew 15:21-28
    Jesus crossed borders to Lebanon and met a Gentile woman who identified Him as "Lord, son of David," and beggd Him to help her demon possessed daughter. "O woman, great is your faith!" He said, and her daughter was healed. One of Satan's greatest fe...

  • God's Love For the Outcasts

    Episode 20

    Ray Bentley, November 4, 2018, Matthew 15:29-39
    This marks a unique time in Jesus' ministry. He did His healing and providing work in the predominantly Gentile area of Galilee. While Jesus sat on a mountainside, great multitudes came to Him and He healed them all. No one was cast away, not thos...

  • The Tabernacle of David

    Episode 21

    Ray Bentley - November 25, 2018 - Matthew 16:1-12
    The Pharisees and Sadducee confronted Jesus, demanding a sign from heaven. Pharisees believe in angels, resurrection and the supernatural. Sadducees did not believe anything supernatural. Hypocrites cannot understand the signs of the times.

  • The Ecclesia of God

    Episode 22

    Ray Bentley -December 2, 2018 - Matthew 16:13-20
    Peter declared to Jesus, "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God." Jesus responded, "Blessed are you, Simon Bar Jonah..." for God the Father had revealed the truth to him. Then Jesus changed Simon's name to Peter which means rock. "I will...

  • Christmas and the Cross

    Episode 23

    Ray_Bentley - December 16, 2018 - Matthew 16:21-28

    Jesus begins telling His disicples why He came: to suffer, be killed, and be raised the third day. Peter could not accept this, declaring, "This shall not happen to You!" Jesus rebukes Pepter, even saying, "Get behind Me, Satan!" To follow Jes...

  • How To Be Transformed

    Episode 24

    Ray Bentley - January 6, 2019 - Matthew 17:1-2
    The ultimate revelation was that Jesus is the Son of God. Jesus selected Peter, James and John to witness three important events. 1) Jairus house 2) Gethsemane 3) the Transfiguration. The Lord’s glory was not reflected, but rather it radiated from w...