Shawn Stone

Shawn Stone

31 Seasons

Shawn Stone is the executive pastor at Maranatha Chapel. He shares the Bible with inspirational and encouraging passion while breaking down the Bible's complexities into something everyone can understand. Use the dropdown menu to browse all of Shawn's series.

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Shawn Stone
  • Stepping Out of Fear / Shark Week, August 23, 2015

    Episode 1

    Shawn Stone - August 23, 2015 - Psalm 3
    To deal with your emotions, pray through the emotions. Express your fear and anger, through prayer. Fear is the primal emotion. Anxiety has spiritual roots. To fight it, remember your shield. Remember your glory. Remember your substitute. Jesus took al...

  • Jesus, Lord of the Storm / Shark Week, August 9, 2015,

    Episode 2

    Shawn Stone, August 9, 2015, Mark 4:35-41
    The root of fear, and the answer to fear. The disciples feared a great storm until Jesus said, "Peace be still." The wind stopped and there was calm. Storms happen even when Jesus is in the boat. Sometimes God goes silent in our storms. Sometimes it take...